Artwork that brings the beauty and feeling of nature’s moments into your home.

Award Winning Artist

Helen Mitra is an internationally sold, award-winning artist based in Brisbane, Australia. She has won numerous awards including;

Honourable Mention Award for After the Rain and placed 12th in the 13th Annual Botanicals Competition, for the Light, Space and Time Online gallery 2023

Special Merit Award, for the Gentleness of Lotuses 13th Annual Botanicals Competition 2023

Special Merit Award for The Bougainvillea Garden in the 12th Annual Nature Competition, Online Light, Space and Time Gallery, 2022

Special Merit Award for Little Cove in the 12th Annual Nature Competition, Online Light, Space and Time Gallery

Special Merit – A New Morning in Mieko’s Garden – Open Competition – Light, Space and Time Online Gallery 2022

Special Recognition – Longwoods Garden – Primary Colours Competition – Light, Space and Time Online Gallery 2021

Merit Award – The Blue Fairy Wrens – Animals Competition – Light, Space and Time Online Gallery, 2021

Merit Award – Nature’s First Green is Gold – 10th Annual Open Competition – Light, Space and Time Online Gallery, 2020

Honorary Mention – Eve – 10th Annual Open Competition – Light, Space and Time Online Gallery, 2020

Honorary mention – Blue Reflections – Primary Colours Competition – Light, Space and Time Online Gallery 2020

Honorary mention – Noosa Pandanus – Seascapes Competition – Light, Space and Time Online Gallery 2020

Merit award – No Ordinary Day – Patterns Competition – Light, Space and Time Online Gallery 2020

Merit award – Painted in Isolation Competition – Light, Space and Time Online Gallery 2020


I am currently exhibiting at;
Nissarana Gallery, Hastings Street, Noosa

Original Artworks

A selction of Original Artworks currently for sale

Artwork Reproductions

A selction of Artwork Reproductions currently for sale


A collection of other artworks and commissions.

Meet the Artist

Meet the Artist

Helen Mitra is an internationally sold, award-winning artist based in Brisbane, Australia.

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I often get questions from art buyers. Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers. If you have a question that is not covered in this list please feel free to contact me using the form on my contact page.

Can I use the Digital Images on this site?2022-01-31T06:19:54+10:00

No, all digital images on this Web site are available to any person for the express purpose of viewing the website only. No image or portion of any image may be reused without my express written permission. All artwork is subject to international copyright laws.

What currency are prices on this website?2022-01-31T06:19:11+10:00

All prices listed on this site are in Australian dollars and include 10% GST.

What does “ready to hang” mean?2022-01-31T06:18:47+10:00

A ready to hang canvas painting or reproduction has a “Gallery wrap” edge. This is where the artwork is wrapped around the edge of a timber stretcher frame and a hanging wire is attached to the back. All you need to do is provide a suitable hanging hook on the wall.

In the case of a canvas reproduction, when supplied unframed, it comes with a 50mm additional border to allow for stretching at your local framer. Most canvas reproductions come with what we call a “Mirror Wrap”. It is a great look for the artwork and allows the image to continue around the sides of the stretcher without losing any of the original image.

Will my reproduction look the same colour as I see on my screen?2022-01-31T06:18:10+10:00

All reproductions are proofed and approved by me to ensure a match to the original artwork as closely as humanly possible. Monitors across the world vary in the way they show colours, as do the browsers you use to view them (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc). It is quite likely that the printed image will look a little different to what you see on your monitor, but rest assured, the printed image is a true likeness of the original artwork.

How will my Fine Art Reproduction arrive?2022-01-31T06:17:48+10:00

Orders are packaged and shipped with great care. All unframed Fine Art Reproductions are shipped rolled in acid free cellophane and are placed in a protective tube for shipping via Australia Post. I recommend you contact your local professional framer for best results.

If you have ordered a framed paper reproduction, or stretched canvas, it will arrive well-packaged in a custom carton, ready to hang once unpacked. I use a reputable courier who specialises in packing large art pieces. Your reproduction will most likely arrive rolled in a tube. Please carefully remove the reproduction from the tube and avoid pulling or tugging on it. Once removed from the tube please remove cellophane protective cover and use soft clean paper or cloth weights on the edges to flatten.


Do you require payment up front for a custom order?2022-01-31T06:15:41+10:00

As each Art Reproduction is a custom printed product, payment is required upfront. Payments can be made by Direct Deposit, credit card or Paypal.

How long does it take to print a custom order?2022-01-31T06:14:44+10:00

It takes approximately 1 week for orders to be printed plus delivery time, however, during peak printing times, such as Christmas this may vary. Delivery time is out of my control so please be sure to place your order early if a deadline needs to be met.

Can I request a Fine Art Reproduction in a particular size?2022-01-31T06:14:11+10:00

Yes, it is possible to make a special request for a custom order. While I list a range of sizes on my site, I am able to custom print images to a specific size for you.

All of my limited editions reproductions are limited not only by the number available, but also the sizes to ensure consistency in the edition. Should you wish something in a different size, we can discuss a commission or one of my other open edition works.

Can you explain your “Lifetime Warranty”2022-01-31T06:12:48+10:00

All of my Fine Art/Giclee Limited Edition Reproductions are covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

  • If ANYTHING should happen to your reproduction I will replace it for 50% of its current price (plus return freight) provided the reproduction is returned to us and while I have the original digital file in my possession.
  • This warranty applies to any Limited Edition reproduction supplied by me or any outlet the work has been sold through.

This is a replacement warranty and only applies if the damaged piece can be returned to me. It does not cover total loss.

Shipping: All prices do not include shipping or insurance. This will be provided by myself and a quotation provided. For large paintings I use a reputable courier service which specialises in packing and sending high end art pieces. For smaller items Australia Post is used.

Taxes and Return Policy: Postage DOES NOT include any potential additional taxes applied on imported goods in your country. Due to the production cost of a reproduction, change of mind returns cannot be accommodated.

Damage: When your packed painting arrives please check for any damage and photograph for insurance purposes. Please let me know within 48 hours of receiving it by emailing us – please include photos of the damage to the artwork as well as the damage to the packaging. We are unable to assess damages without these photos of both the item and packaging. All orders are carefully delivered to the courier for packing and shipment and all due care and attention is taken. All orders are insured and sent registered post or courier with a signature required on delivery. This is not optional.

What is the Certificate of Authenticity?2022-01-31T06:09:41+10:00

All Limited Edition Fine Art/Giclee reproductions are provided with a Certificate of Authenticity signed and numbered by me This is your proof that the edition is sanctioned by me and certifies the artwork’s authorship, title and printing details.

 Open Edition reproductions also come with certificates to authenticate the reproduction but are not numbered.

What is a Limited Edition Reproduction?2022-01-31T06:09:18+10:00

A limited edition Reproduction is offered in limited numbers. When the listed number for a Limited Edition Reproduction is reached, the edition is sold out and is no longer available for printing. The only exception to this is the event where an existing reproduction is damaged and needs to be replaced under the terms of my warranty.

Why don’t you just call it an art print?2022-01-31T06:08:53+10:00

There is a distinct difference between a print and a reproduction and it has to do with who creates the final product and how it is made. In the art world, Prints are made personally by the artist, by hand as lithographs, linocuts, serigraphs etc. These come typically in limited editions only because the elements used to create them degrade over time and can no longer be produced exactly the same.

A reproduction is created from a digital file and printed on a high quality inkjet printer by a Master Printer using the best archival inks and media to produce an almost perfect replica of the original artwork, time after time for open editions or until a limited edition is sold out.

What is a “Fine Art Reproduction” or “Giclee Reproduction”2022-01-31T06:07:56+10:00

A Fine Art, or Giclee, Reproduction is created by first having an art capture specialist copy my artwork to create the perfect digital file capable of printing it to almost any size you need without losing any quality.

Then, I work with my Master Printer to choose the ideal Cotton Rag Art paper or Canvas to bring out the best in your Reproduction. The colours are checked by me and the Master Printer ensures that through world standard colour calibration and profiling, each reproduction, regardless of when it is printed, will match the very first one. All reproductions have a white border so they can be professionally framed.

How are original artworks presented?2022-01-31T06:07:06+10:00

All of my original works are painted on stretched 100% cotton or linen canvas on stretcher frames ready to hang.

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