My Sweet Escape


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Oil on Linen
100cm x 120cm
Year created – 2022

1 in stock



This painting is inspired by my travels to Bali and their beautiful ornately carved doors. It also is aiming to capture the symbolism of a new beginning or escape. The garden hints at what is possibly behind the door. Something even more beautiful and perhaps a different world as the fish pond in the path suggests this isn’t just any ordinary door.

When I travel to Bali I am in awe of the beauty as often when you turn a corner or open a door you are taken into an even more beautiful garden or place. This painting aims to capture that feeling of anticipation and discovery. I have used the colours of yellow and orange throughout the painting. They are on the birds, the flowers, the butterflies, the fish, the door and the hummingbird. The door has water coming from it which is flowing along the path to the garden giving life. I’ve repeated the shapes of the Spider Lilly flowers in the water and the diamond shape of the door in the path. I have transparent butterflies in the foreground and even a lady beetle. There are rainbow and zebra finches also eating seed at the entrance to the door. This painting speaks of new beginnings and endless possibilities.

My Sweet Escape is also available as a Limited Edition Reproduction in an edition of 200.

Prices start from $300 on fine art matte paper.  Reproductions are also available on canvas, gloss paper and gallery acrylic.

Please note. These prices are for the painting only. For shipping and handling costs, please call Helen on 0403 179 706 or send a message via our contact page

©2021, My Sweet Escape, oil on linen, 100cm x 120cm – Helen Mitra

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