Walking through the Clouds at Mornington


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Oil on Linen
150cm x 100cm
Year created – 2023

1 in stock



This is a commissioned gallery piece and aims to depict the beauty and tranquillity of the Mornington beaches in Victoria, Australia. I wanted to capture the vast sky and reflective stillness of the water and also present the simple activities that people come here to enjoy. The stillness of the water is only broken by the small child walking through the shallows with her dog coming towards her in the distance. The iconic bathing houses are also depicted in contrast to the water and sky with their bright colours and shapes and the vastness of the beach is shown with people walking in the distance. It is these simple pleasures of life that people enjoy at Mornington from walking along the beach, to playing in the sand and water and it is these I have aimed to capture in this painting.

‘Walking through the Clouds at Mornington’ is available as a Limited Edition Reproduction in an edition of 200.

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©2023, Walking through the Clouds at Mornington – Helen Mitra

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