After the Rain


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Oil on Linen
150cm x 75cm
Year created – 2022

1 in stock



This painting is a commissioned piece for a gallery and it aims to capture the beautiful and soft play of light on pink peonies. The three different flowers depict the movement and change in form as they open back towards the light after rain or morning dew. I have aimed to capture the droplets of rain on the bottom flower then show the second and main flower as opening fully with light diffusing through the petals. In the top flower the form changes again moving towards the light. These simple but vibrant depictions of flowers can convey the simple lesson in nature of looking towards the light again after life’s trials and challenges. It shows that joy and life can again be experienced.

After the Rain is available as a Limited Edition Reproduction in an edition of 200.

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©2022, After the Rain – Helen Mitra

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